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I get to play with my first android tv device.

Buddy dropped it off for me to “review” before sending it off to its not so savvy destination.

Conclusion: Nice

Compared to others: No idea. My first device.

Compared to what I have now: Awesome.

What I have now. An old intel based lenovo box running the almighty kodi

It is a tower with a noisy fan, a hard drive that rattles and an intel graphics card with a near crippling reaction to 720p. This box does it’s job and has been a good replacement for the expensive and IMHO outdated cable tv business model.

So what’s so awesome? This little box is quiet. Clearly uses less power. Offers higher quality video streaming. A Simple interface and is supported by, so far, one free android wifi remote that, as of this post, doesn’t distract you with ads. 

Note: The free remote from google did not work for me. You may have better luck.

The model mbox I got on loan came with Kodi pre-installed. This was indeed a bonus

Bottom line. This model was a nice introduction to android tv devices. Worked as promised out the box.

Now after all this excitement. I have to give it back 🙁


Source: iandigaming.tumblr

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