Distracted Jamaica – Stock Exchange Edition

Corporate tax breaks are so hot right now.
I get hard just thinking about it ಠ_ಠ

We discovered that even though the Government foregoes the income tax, they actually started to collect more taxes from that company through GCT and payroll taxes, because as the companies became more profitable, as their revenues increase, they hire more persons and this was the phenomenon that we saw in the junior market,
– Mayberry CEO

Looking for a Junior Stock Reddit from r/CanadianInvestor

JCF/JLP/PNP – better color option.

In lieu of this weeks political maneuvering. May I propose a solution:

The pink.

About the pink:

  • A far better compromise. Not green. Not orange.
  • Represents features expected in public officials: Hope, positivity and understanding.
  • Guaranteed to draw attention.
  • Pacify all in it’s GLORIOUS path.

All hail the PINK.

Jamaica Constabulary Force alternative solution from r/listgrotto