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How did Net Neutrality Repeal improve internet in USA?

I am in favor of capitalism and limited government. But even I didn't want Net Neutrality to be repealed since the amount of ISP's is so low compared to other businesses and I thought that there wouldn't be enough competition to prevent ISP's from abusing their new found powers.

But the removal of government regulation has surprised me and internet is now faster?????



I have also heard some people say that it has gotten cheaper as well. Can americans in this sub can confirm this for me?

How did this happen? Why is it that these ISP's with comparatively small competition compared to other industries are providing better services when there is less government intervention? Aren't they greedy capitalists that aim to exploit the proletariat in order to maximize profits?

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[All] Argument; mainstream media is left-leaning. Why?

I’m not really picking a side here, nor do I have a concrete theory on why. But I do hear this all the time from mainly right-wingers.

I can definitly see how you can make that case, but I’d like some more substance. Why is it left-leaning in the capitalist west?

Since big media is usually massive corporations, why would they boast views and ideologies that doesnt protect their interest?

Maybe I just can’t put two and two together, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Windoes 7 sleep issue

I just changed my os to windows 7 professional 64-bit. Whenever my PC goes to sleep it is not very responsive to wake up at times and after it wakes app none of the games work and for it to work I have restart the pc. I have tried diskcheck defrag still the issue persists.

PS I used an external software partition C so that I can have more space in other drives and only 200 in C . Could that be the issue ? How can I fix it ?

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