Oh boy – New Zealand: 7.x quake – Christ Church – tsunami watch.

An earthquake has hit New Zealand’s South Island in the early hours of Monday morning. Quake was magnitude 7.5 and 15km deep. radionz.co.nz/audio/live/national – TSUNAMI WARNINGS ARE STILL IMPOSED BY CIVIL DEFENCE! Results from a Quake App tweet
Main quakes – SEVERE – 7.5 magnitude, severe, 15km north east of Culverden, 12.20am – 6.1 magnitude, severe: 15km north of Kaikoura, 2.31am, 27km – 5.7 magnitude, severe: 25km south east of Seddon, 2.21am – 5.5 magnitude, severe: 10km east of Seddon 2.20am – 5.6 magnitude, severe: 20km south east of Seddon, 4.33am
Epicenter: Live Video feed from further north by Wellington Christ Church Web Cams Taylors Surf Shop Web Cams