LGT 1/14/2021

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Man injects mushrooms

Some US Government Reps are not pleased with the security measures enacted on the Capitol.

Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle plan a Digital Covid vaccination passport

Kingston. Sahara Dust Storm.

So we calling this the “Godzilla dust cloud” now. View from Dragon Garden Shop 1 Milbrook Plaza, KGN 8. Got the Chow Mein special and it was good. The good news tho: – The dry air can create downdrafts (sinking air) around tropical storms and hurricanes, which may result in the weakening of tropical cyclones. […]

DO THE FIVE – what the hell is this?


“Hmm.” All I could muster while staring at the screen. “How long has that been there?” At the bottom of the Chrome homepage sits a spammy looking message block, urging its viewer to “DO THE FIVE”. “No I will not.” The immediate response, as visions of compromise began to appear, discouraging the urge to click. […]

Wash your ‘effing hands please

Please wash your hands people, can’t stress this enough. Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take towards being Gods decent humans. You know, our primary role in life and the first job assigned at birth. Source: https://imgflip.com/i/3r5dhj A how to, care of the CDC: Wet your hands with clean, running […]