So hot. People be embracing “…skirts as a form of protest”

Feeling the heat?

Drop your pants, wear a lungi.

Good thing climate change is a hoax.

A ferocious heat wave has swept through Europe, with temperatures reaching 38°C (100°F). To beat the heat, some men and boys are leaving their trousers behind. In France, a group of bus drivers in the city Nantes who were really feeling the heat asked their employers to be allowed to wear shorts. Their bosses declined.…

via Extreme weather has driven hordes of boys and men to embrace skirts as a form of protest — Quartz

Pros and cons according to Simranjit Kaur

Must wear stockings in the winter
Have to cross your legs a certain way.
Pants are often a burden for me because the fitting is usually off (I have a wide waist but skinny legs).

Freedom to move in any direction
Helps long legs look amazing
More variety, easier to find the right style