Distracted Jamaica – Stock Exchange Edition

Corporate tax breaks are so hot right now.
I get hard just thinking about it ಠ_ಠ

We discovered that even though the Government foregoes the income tax, they actually started to collect more taxes from that company through GCT and payroll taxes, because as the companies became more profitable, as their revenues increase, they hire more persons and this was the phenomenon that we saw in the junior market,
– Mayberry CEO

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Disruption: Prime Minister Andrew Holness – acting chief justice Bryan Sykes

…the end justifies the means

“Actions that brings results (sic) will determine the assumption of the role of chief justice,” Holness had said at the swearing-in of acting chief justice Bryan Sykes.
—used to say that a desired result is so good or important that any method, even a morally bad one, may be used to achieve it They believe that the end justifies the means and will do anything to get their candidate elected.

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The “Section 44 of the Local Governance Act”

Mildly infuriating. Image selected for that article at odds with article. Councillor look way too pleased with himself.

That Local Governance ACT: Download PDF

MONTEGO BAY, St James — The St James Municipal Corporation has suspended veteran People’s National Party (PNP) councillor for the Granville Division, Michael Troupe, for three months, for allegedly bringing the corporation into disrepute.

Risky Holness meme: PM appeals to Jamaicans

PRIME Minister Andrew Holness on Saturday threw down the gauntlet to Jamaicans to report knowledge of criminal activities to the security forces or run the risk of becoming victims of the gunmen committing crimes. – Jamaica Observer

Proposed fines for the new Jamaica Road Traffic Act

…Note to self. Lifestyle change is a must
The following are some of the proposed fines in the new Road Traffic Act. Offences in respect of which a fixed penalty may be paid to a collector of taxes 1) Driving motor vehicle with no valid certificate of fitness – $5,000 2) Driving motor vehicle without it being registered – $10,000 3) Driving motor vehicle without it being licensed in the prescribed manner – $10,000 4) Driving motor vehicle without evidence of insurance or failing to surrender evidence of insurance – $15,000 5) Driving motor vehicle (a) with licence decal obscured – $5,000 (b) with licence decal not affixed – $5,000 (c) licence plates obscured or not easily distinguished – $5,000 (d) licence plates not affixed as prescribed – $5,000 6) Driving motor vehicle contrary to terms of licence – $15,000 7) Driving motor vehicle without driver’s licence or learner’s permit in possession – $2,000 8) Failing to comply with the conditions of learner’s licence – $6,000 9) Failing to comply with the conditions of first year of driver’s licence – $6,000 10) Failing to notify authority of change of place of residence – $2,000 11) Failing to obey red light or stop sign – $12,000 12) Failing to comply with any other traffic sign – $8,000 13) Turning into or crossing major road so as to obstruct traffic – $9,000 14) Exceeding the speed limit by (a) 16 km/h to 32 km/h – $6,000 (b) 33 km/h to 49 km/h – $10,000 (c) 50 km/h or more – $15,000 15) Driving on to one road from another and causing traffic obstruction – $10,000 16) Driving motor vehicle in violation of the rules of the road by: (a) failing to keep to the nearside of road when approaching or being overtaken – $5,000 (b) overtaking on the nearside of other traffic – $5,000 (c) failing to allow passage to other overtaking vehicles – $10,000 (d) overtaking in a manner causing obstruction to oncoming traffic – $10,000 (e) crossing or turning so as to obstruct traffic – $9,000 (f) driving on to a road from another in a manner causing obstruction – $9,000 (g) driving from onto a place not being a road in a manner causing obstruction to traffic – $9,000 (h) travelling backwards further than necessary – $9,000 (i) failing to place motor vehicle when not in motion at the near side of roadway – $3,000 (j) failing to place motor vehicle in position so as not to obstruct traffic – $3,000 (k) person pouring petrol, driver leaves vehicle unattended – $7,000 (1) parking a vehicle in a zone designated for parking and failing to observe the rules pertaining to parking or failing to pay charge – $2,000 (m) person wilfully or unnecessarily preventing hindering or interrupting free passage of vehicular or pedestrian traffic – $13,000 (n) placing on or abandoning object on road that may endanger or cause damage to vehicular or pedestrian traffic – $13,000 (o) using cell phone, while driving or while functioning as instructor – $13,000 17) Careless driving where no collision occurs – $11,000 18) Careless driving where collision occurs – $25,000 19) Disobeying directions or signal of constable in execution of his duty – $5,000 20) Driver of motorcycle not causing pillion rider to wear prescribed protective helmet – $5,000 21) Failing to observe silence zones – $7,000 22) Failing to observe school safety zone – $10,000 23) Exceeding speed limit within school safety zone – $10,000 24) Exceeding speed limit within construction work zone – $10,000 25) Failing to comply with a sign of school crossing patrol to stop – $5,000 26) Driver of motor vehicle failing to yield the right of way when pedestrian in pedestrian crossing – $7,000 27) Driver of motor vehicle passing vehicle stopped in pedestrian crossing – $10,000 28) Driver of motor vehicle putting vehicle in motion while signal to stop is still exhibited – $13,000 29) Person pouring petrol into or on vehicle while engine running or naked light is alight – $10,000 30) Person with intent to defraud, interfere with or operate parking meter – $15,000 31) Driver of motor vehicle leaves vehicle unattended without stopping the engine – $4,000 32) Failing to place motor vehicle when not in motion at the near side of roadway – $7,000 33) Failing to place motor vehicle in position so as not to obstruct traffic – $7,000 34) Failing to use appropriate hand signal – $2,000 35) Driver of motor vehicle failing to give appropriate signal to indicate direction when turning – $7,000 36) Driver of motor vehicle failing to obey commands of constable to stop or keep motor vehicle stationary – $6,000 37) Failing to obey police signals – $7,500 38) Unnecessarily hinder, interrupt or otherwise obstruct the free and proper passage of vehicle or pedestrian – $5,000 39) Placing or abandoning object on road that may endanger or cause damage to vehicular or pedestrian traffic – $5,000 40) Refusing to weigh or test vehicle – $50,000 41) Driver causing vehicle to obstruct road or parked while being loaded or unloaded – $7,000 42) Use of electronic communication device while driving – $10,000 43) Use of electronic video device within driver’s line of sight while driving – $13,000 45) Using or driving or permitting to be used motor vehicle in a defective condition – $15,000