MEME: On Channel 5 we feast.

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After his departure from the All Gas No Brakes showcase. Andrew and team appear in a brand new initiative coined Channel 5 on YouTube. Fun fact: YouTube censored his first upload. Comment from discussion What’s going on with the All Gas No Brakes channel being stolen?. “Stolen” is bit strong, but we get the […]

Wash your ‘effing hands please

Please wash your hands people, can’t stress this enough. Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take towards being Gods decent humans. You know, our primary role in life and the first job assigned at birth. Source: A how to, care of the CDC: Wet your hands with clean, running […]

Knights of the round table

These Memes

A little something else they have in common.This came as no shock. Nicki Minaj Says Jamaican Police Pulled Guns on Her For Swearing -> she said GUNS!!!! from r/Jamaica Artists are vocal again. Now that Popcaan has joined Bounty Killer to call out the Government of Jamaica over the strict profanity law.Lets see how far […]