LGT 1/16/2021

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2 Million People Have Died From COVID-19 Worldwide

A black market for illegal coronavirus vaccines is thriving in the Philippines

Citi says: Spotify’s big bet on podcasts is failing.

NRA seeks bankruptcy protection, plans move to Texas
Google is removing Chrome Sync from its chromium forks and limiting availability.

WhatsApp delays privacy update after the messaging app loses MILLIONS of users.

Martin Luther King Jr. controversial ‘Flip the Bird’ photo is considered a fake.

r/jamaica has finally reached ten thousand subs

LGT 1/14/2021

Listgrotto Today

Man injects mushrooms

Some US Government Reps are not pleased with the security measures enacted on the Capitol.

Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle plan a Digital Covid vaccination passport

Mallence Bart-Williams asks why…

Dependency on poverty. Charity porn. How nice. The birthplace of mankind. The richest continent on the face of earth and home to unarguably the most beautiful people in the world; hated and made to belief we are not as good, not as charming..called names. It’s heartbreaking that we’ve been so conditioned to want to separate [More]