The musings from a sand n*gger.

An Indian living in the U.S. vents on /r/rant.

Read the post. Felt the feels.

I told him that people may mistaken me for an Arab and he called me a sand n*gger and smacked me in the face. My classmates were around and no one did anything. I was in complete shock over what happened.

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The transition to Trump-ism will be tricky. The concept of openly disrespecting each with revolvers in hand is tempting. Could pose a health risk though.

Fast forward to election night and prayed for a miracle, but I knew most likely Hillary Clinton would lose the election.

President Trump was taunting the public time and time again. Would have been a surprise had he lost.

Women, my god what were you thinking voting for Trump? What does a person have to do to lose your favour? Trump is the stereotypical misogynistic individual.

LOL…Women LOVE the bad boys. Nothing has changed.

White middle class people wanted that win really bad. Confident shit would go down had they not gotten their way.

Rant goes on. Quality read.

Rant from a Sand N*gger – Views from an Indian Person after 2016 US election