This is useful: Marijuana Approved In Several US States

With the U.S. elections winding down. Other interesting news leak out into the open. Apparently people have voted to relax some archaic rules.

As it now stands. The U.S. has 28 States where marijuana consumption is legal. With (as of this writing) Florida still lagging behind.

Possession limits vary.  Clearly the people writing the laws didn’t consult with the real professionals or perhaps fuzzy financial incentives in play.

ProCon map
ProCon map

Registration is required in most cases. This is kind of a good thing as the drug dealer down the street still needs customers and not everyone trusts institutions.

The registration fee seems to be targeted at the middle class. Around “$150”-ish. No small tax to say the least

Poor people will still need to forage or make use of the option to grow and posses a small number of plants. City Dwellers need not worry. Just don’t tell the drug dealer down the street.